Gaming products Price in Pakistan

The ultimate gaming experience comes with the ultimate top-notch gaming products. We provide you with a plethora of gaming products, including the best gaming consoles with controllers, wired and wireless gaming headsets, gaming laptops, gaming chairs at the best prices, and much more. Our list of products ranges from consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo, XBOX to gaming laptops with up to 256GB storage, RGB keyboards, the best graphic cards, wide vision webcams, 1TB + Hard Drives, and varied compatibility with other devices like Go Pro.

The consoles available include a long list to choose from. From Lite Consoles by Nintendo and full-fledged entertainment systems with maximum graphic quality at 1080p to the latest and older PlayStation. The latest PlayStations allow for high-quality 4K streaming, have 825 GB Solid-State Drive of storage, and are available in slim versions and modified versions from pop culture like Spider-Man. We also offer one of the best PS4 price in Pakistan. Other consoles with dynamic ranges as high as 8K HDR, performance target up to 120 FPS, and ultra-HD Blu-ray and video streaming are also available.

Consoles without the right controllers are incomplete. Keeping that in mind, we also have a wide range of premium and affordable console controllers to make your gaming experience as good as possible. The controllers we offer come with advanced motion sensing and light tracking technology, rechargeable batteries for controllers, a button lock function for competition, and wireless and Bluetooth compatibilities.

Other products include the best gaming headphones and headsets with bendable boom mics, virtual surround sound that supports spatial sound technologies like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, DTS Headphone, ear cushions, and noise-canceling headphones, and also lightweight headsets with up to 90-degree rotating ear cups. More products in regards to gaming, like gaming chairs, can be found with adjustable armrests from 2D to 4D, tilt locks, multi-functional tilts, maximum load 150kg, and different colors.