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Best Gaming Desktops of 2022

The best gaming desktops are designed to handle the most graphically-intensive and resource-demanding video games. While these gaming desktop computers are powerful and robust machines, they come with a hefty price tag in Pakistan.

Despite the high price, buying a gaming desktop pays off in many ways, especially if you are into professional gaming. In addition to experiencing the ultra-high resolution and blazing fast frame rate, you can use the PC for animation, graphic designing or streaming your favorite shows in 4K.

While gaming consoles are built for the same purpose, there’s no match for the gaming desktop’s massive RAM, exceptional ray tracing and fast-loading SSD.

To help you buy the best gaming desktop, we have made a list of the best gaming desktop of 2022:

Alienware Aurora R13

Alienware is renowned for customizing your gaming desktop with the components you want. But if you want an overall winner, Alienware’s Aurora R13 tops the list. This PC offers plenty of charging ports, personalized RGB lighting to sync with your gameplay and a space-age design. Moreover, the ventilation system allows the user to play in 4K for long hours. The top-of-the-line components make it one of the top-tier gaming desktops of 2022.

Acer Predator Orion 3000

The Predator Orion 3000 by Acer is a mid-sized yet attractive gaming desktop best for firs-time users. While it might not be the best choice to play games at 4K, it renders a good performance when games are played at 1080p to 1440p.

The casing is quite easy to open and the components are well-organized. Therefore, customization is easy if one desires. The fast processor and the beefy components of the Orion 3000 are enough to get any avid gamer hooked.

Alienware Aurora R10 Ryzen Edition

As AMD is incorporating gaming-focused approach to win the GPU and CPU markets, many of the gaming desktop manufacturers are switching to Team Red. The affordable R10 Ryzen edition provides brute strength when it comes to gaming.

Since building your own PC is a bit of a hassle, buying a ready-to-use gaming desktop makes the process a whole lot easier. While looking for other specs, ensure that the gaming desktop comes with top-tier peripherals.