Tejar Jobs in Pakistan


Life at Tejar

The work atmosphere at Tejar.pk has been formed around the company’s core values of being fun, fair and focused. We are a young bunch that exudes high levels of energy and innovativeness at all times. The management is always open to fresh ideas which can add value to the existing business and enhance consumer’s perception of the brand.

Employee motivation is always given paramount importance with professional excellence rewarded in the form of magnanimous praise as well as supplementary monetary incentives on top of the monthly remuneration which is market competitive. This has paved the way for an environment where you as an employee strive to continuously raise the bar for yourself and upgrade your expertise along the way through the exciting & challenging assignments you get to work on with a group of exceptionally competent colleagues.

All employees, regardless of their gender, religious beliefs or ethnicity are treated equally and due attention is paid to their physical and emotional welfare. Team bonding activities like lunches and dinners are organized from time to time and birthday parties are celebrated to make every member of the Tejar family feel welcomed.

Joining Our Team

All staff members at Tejar.pk are hired on the basis of their academic achievements, professional aptitude and the passion to work for a dynamic organization. Being a part our company is a great learning curve and allows you to understand the intricacies associated with running an e-commerce business. The staff at Tejar.pk is always great to be around and goes out of the way to help a colleague who is in need of support. All departments of the company work as a close-knit unit. Communication is always free-flowing where the collective benefit of the organization is the ultimate objective. Every member of the team demonstrates extraordinary discipline and dedication which helps the business function like a well-oiled machine.