PlayStation products Price in Pakistan

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Enjoy the Future of Console Gaming with PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 is one of the amazing devices to hit the market and it has undoubtedly changed the future of console gaming. Due to the futuristic design and unmatched performance, the price of PlayStation 5 in Pakistan is higher than that of its predecessor, PlayStation 4.

Along with incredibly fast loading time, the PlayStation 5 offers a 60-fps gameplay at 4K. The latest model of PlayStation comes with a high-tech controller and is a direct competitor to Xbox Series X.

Without much further ado, let’s dive into the breath-taking specs of PlayStation 5:

Build and Design

The futuristic design of the latest unit is quite different from PlayStation 3 and 4 and is worthy of your attention. The build of the PS5 is quite compact and worthy of displaying it for everyone to see. Moreover, it can be set up in landscape or horizontal orientation to fit in your entertainment system. The aesthetics, such as the soft LED glow complements the overall design of the console unit.


While there is no 8K support yet, the custom GPU in PS5 is capable of rendering the gameplay at up to 120 fps. Moreover, the octa-core AMD processor is capable of offering high-end gaming experience at up to 3.5 GHz per core.

The upgraded lighting effects, the non-existent loading screens and the responsive controls have improved the overall playing experience of next-gen games.

DualSense Controller with PlayStation 5

The excellent performance of the DualSense Controller is why PlayStation 5 is expected to pave the future of console gaming. As compared to the DualShock 4 Controller, the DualSense Controller is slightly heavier and larger in size. The build is quite similar to Xbox One Controller but without the asynchronous layout of the analog sticks.

The built-in speaker is quite identical to that of its predecessor, DualShock 4, but the DualSense Controller is also equipped with a microphone. The noise-canceling tech picks up your voice easily during the gameplay and also speeds up the text-based chats with other players.

The built-in mute button mutes the headset microphone and the system, which is quite handy if you want to shout game responses to your friends or siblings through a locked door while you are in the battlefield.

The PlayStation 5 is an exceptional next-gen console that takes the gaming experience to the next level by its ray-tracing technology, high-quality textures and enhanced particle effects.