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The Best Multi-Platform Gaming Controllers Worth Every Penny

Generally, the PC gamers opt for a gaming keyboard and mouse. However, millions of cross-platform players choose game controllers over this combination and for good reason. In open-world games, such as Fortnite and Horizon Zero Dawn, the game controllers provide comfort to play for extended periods.

In racing games, the game controllers for PC offer analog controls to steer around edgy corners. If you fancy playing the old school way, plugging in the controller to your PC is a great way to revive the memories. As there are tons of options in the market, how do you know which one is worth your money?

A good gaming controller gives you the bonus of compatibility with smart TVs, gaming consoles and entertainment centers, apart from your PC.

In case you are stuck between two options, here’s a list of the best multi-platform gaming controllers trending in Pakistan:

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller With USB-C Cable

Use the Xbox Elite Wireless controller 2 for ten minutes and you’ll clearly see the difference between your current controller and this masterpiece.

This game controller screams nothing but luxury. The endless customization options give you the luxury to gain unparalleled level of control over your game. Being able to tweak the joystick tension, shift paddles and d-pads is an absolute delight.

The Series 2 controller includes a carrying case, unlike Series 1; that also doubles as a charging dock, equipping a USB type-C cable. Therefore, you can charge the battery on the go. You can use the Bluetooth technology to pair the game controller with your smartphone.

The 2 faceted and cross-shaped d-pads, a thumb stick tension tool, 6 thumb sticks and 4 rear pedals enable you to give your best shot in the game.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

The Wolverine Ultimate is a reliable gamepad. It offers the same luxury as the above-mentioned wireless controller. However, you can’t connect it to the PC wirelessly. The customizable and swappable back and d-pads offer the same functionality as the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The downright enticing features of the controller, such as the face buttons, really make a difference in your gameplays.

If you are a hardcore cross-platform player with no time to waste in browsing multiple options online, scroll up and you’d already have the best listed controllers of 2022.