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Find the Best Gaming Console Accessories at

Regardless of how often you play video games, your gaming gear can make or break your experience. A low-end monitor or a cheap console headset gives you nothing but headaches. Whereas, the best console gaming accessories available at keeps you comfortable while you play at peak precision.

Unfortunately, the market of console accessories is quite broad and loaded with a plethora of options. If you are looking around to upgrade your gaming gear, no worries as we have got your back!

Take a look at the following console accessories to improve your gaming experience instantly:

USB Charger with Headset Hanger

Keep your gaming desk clean, your devices charged and your headset safe with the headset hanger. The headset hangers usually attach to the underside of your gaming desk through screws or an adhesive tape. Some models of these headset hangers equip 1 or more USB ports for convenient and quick charging. These hangers often come with wire management clips to keep the desk decluttered at all times.

Charging Dock for Console Controllers

A charging dock for console controller is way better than a cable. Why? Because your controllers are charged faster and more conveniently. It is best to look for a charging dock that can charge two controllers simultaneously and is compatible with your gear.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

Stop buying non-rechargeable AA batteries every week and switch to battery pack to prevent dead controller mid-game. Each battery included in the pack provides long hours of playtime.

Xbox Stand

If you have an Xbox gaming console and want to keep it safe, then bring home the all-in-one stand. Not only does it hold your console in a dock but also has cooling fans to prevent overheating.

Micro-USB Charging Cord

Don’t have the budget to invest in a charging dock? You can buy the micro-USB cable and charge your controller without any interruption. The micro-USB charging cord might not look fancy but it does the job quite reliably. has a hoard of parts and accessories to pair with your gaming console. We have got everything at the most reasonable prices; from charging docks to external storage devices.