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The Best Android Gaming Consoles in 2022

Anyone fond of Android and games would want a dedicated device for the sole purpose of gaming. A couple of companies in the home console market have released dedicated devices for Android gaming. While Android games are mostly played on smartphones and tablets, the consoles add another layer of fun for the users.

Using an Android smartphone or tablet for gaming is fun but it gets tiresome for your eyes after a couple of hours. Most of the interactive games require buttons and it gets a little tricky for novice gamers to use the touchscreen. This is where the physical controllers of an Android gaming console come into play. They are very comfortable to play with and provide a great level of precision during the game.

Use the maximum graphical fidelity and play your games at a higher frame rate on the Android gaming console without having to worry about the draining battery.

Now that we know all the benefits of owning an Android gaming console, let’s dive into some of the best models in the market:


NVIDIA is one of the two leading GPU manufacturers in the tech industry. Therefore, an Android gaming console from NVIDIA comes as a big deal for all of the gamers. In addition to Android TV, the NVIDIA Shield offers 4K ultra-HD streaming and gaming experience to its users.

The PlayStation- and Xbox-inspired gaming controller offers a subtle control in racing games and a high level of precision in shooting games. If you are looking to stream your favorite shows and play your favorite Android games, NVIDIA gaming console is your best option.

Fire TV Game Console

The Fire TV gaming console definitely tops the list to play quality Android games. If you have a pre-built Amazon ecosystem at your home, Fire TV is worth checking out. The HDTV gaming console is quite affordable and very easy to set up, just like other devices by Amazon.

The Fire TV console is inspired by Xbox 360 and is fairly comfortable to use. Moreover, a wide range of games on Amazon Store ensures that there’s no shortage of games for you.

There are a handful of Android gaming consoles available at An Android gaming console is a future-proof device for anyone who enjoys smartphone games in their leisure time.