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Which Nintendo Console is the Best for You?

If you are looking for a portable gaming device with a huge library, exceptional exclusives and indie titles, nothing can beat the Nintendo Console. Unlike the expensive video game consoles that require a huge 4K screen, Nintendo consoles do not require your entire TV set up.

While the device itself does not offer many video streaming applications, you can still enjoy genre-defining and family-friendly games like Zelda, Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokemon.

What is the Difference Between Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite?

As of now, Nintendo is available in three models with ‘Switch’ being the base model. All the three Nintendo consoles run on the same software and share the same design.

The Nintendo Switch, or otherwise known as the Nintendo base model is a 6.3-inch tablet with a detachable Joy Controller, a dock to connect the device to your TV, and an LCD screen. The Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo console models have vibration motors to find the hidden items and provide force feedback during the game.

The Nintendo Switch Lite, on the other hand, is a 5.5-inch tablet with built-in controls. That being said, you can’t connect the Nintendo Switch Lite to your TV, even if you purchase the dock separately. The buttons present on the Lite model are quite soft and do not make a clicking noise. However, it can be hard for some users to read the vibration text on the screen. The price of the Nintendo Switch Lite console in Pakistan is low as compared to that of its base model.

The third model of Nintendo Switch is designed around an OLED display and has the same dimensions as the base model. The good color production, clear blacks and a strong contrast make it one of the best handhelds by Nintendo. With a dock that supports wired network connections and speakers that are reasonably loud and clear, you would be paying a bare minimum for a great video-playing device., a leading retailer in Pakistan deals in all models of Nintendo consoles at reasonable prices. Get your hands on the favorite model and step up your gaming experience.