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Xbox One X Vs. Xbox Series X: Which One Should You Buy?

While the Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox One X and replaced it with Xbox Series X, both the gaming consoles take the 120-fps gaming to the next level. But what you’d like to know is, if you should upgrade to an Xbox Series X or a second-hand Xbox One X. Without wasting much time, let’s compare the basic specs of the two Xbox models alongside their prices in Pakistan.


The Xbox Series X has an edge in the graphics when compared to that of Xbox One X. The Series X has custom GPU with 52 computing units running at 1.825 GHz and 12 teraflops of power. Thereby, making the GPU more powerful than that of the PS5.

In comparison, the Xbox One X has 40 computing units running at 1.172 GHz and a custom GPU providing 6 teraflops of power.

Moreover, the Xbox Series X uses the ray-tracing technology to make in-game lighting better and realistic for the users. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X does not support the said feature.


The Xbox Series X is designed as a standing unit and is considerably larger than Xbox One X. The aesthetics and the size of the Series X is bigger because of excessive heat dissipation. The grill at the top of the unit works as a cooling measure to keep the chips cool. Without these measures, such as the internal fan, the gaming unit is prone to crashing. On the other hand, the Xbox One X has a conventional and slimmer design.

Memory and Central Processing Unit

The Xbox One X comes with an eight-core AMD processor which runs at up to 2.3 GHz per core while that of the Xbox Series X runs at up to 3.8 GHZ per core. That being said, the CPU of Xbox Series X is four times more powerful, faster, and efficient than Xbox One X.


The storage is another big leap that should be considered by users while replacing their Xbox 360 with Xbox Series X or Xbox One X. The Xbox Series X uses a 1 TB solid-state drive which is faster for read and write transfers than a hard drive. Therefore, you can pause a game, start another, resume the first game and load your games faster. The storage is one of the reasons why the Series X has a higher price in Pakistan than the Xbox One X gaming console.

In comparison, the Xbox One X uses a 1TB hard drive, which is reasonably speedy for normal use. However, be prepared to deal with longer loading times.

Consequently, the deciding factor is whether you want to invest in the latest model or settle for what the last generation of the gaming console has to offer.