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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Game Capture Device

Whether you have a Wii U device, a PlayStation 4 or Xbox, you need a game capture device to record your gameplays in HD quality. The pro gamers are often in search of the best game capture software and devices to record game plays that they can upload on the internet later on.

In addition to live streaming your game, you can use the game capture device to convert the old DVD movies into HD format.

Before you jump into buying a game capture card, let’s go over the basics alongside its technical details:

What is a Game Capture Device?

A game capturing card is nothing more than an input device used to convert the gameplay data into digital signals. It is mostly used by gamers to save their favorite plays and to upload their gaming videos on the internet.

How Does a Game Capturing Device Work?

A game capturing device simply works by taking the video signals from the GPU of the gaming PC. Later, it encodes the data into a format that can be streamed, recorded or uploaded on the internet.

The high-end models, such as Elgato Game Capture HD S allow you to capture the commentary as well as the game video. However, you should do the due diligence and go through the latest reviews of your top picks for the best buy.

What are Different Types of Game Capturing Devices?

The game capturing devices are categorized by the types of platforms support they offer. While browsing on for a suitable device, you would come across the following types of game capture cards:


The game capturing devices for Xbox gaming consoles are quite useful as they allow the gamers to record and handle large-sized video game footage, which is not possible with a simple software.


As opposed to a capturing software, a card for PlayStation would definitely add more flexibility to stream, edit and record your fancy game plays.


A capturing device is substantial for PC gamers because they need to play at a specific FPS rate, record and stream the gameplay simultaneously. A game capturing device connects your primary PC to the secondary one for optimal performance.

If you are considering streaming professional game content, then buying a capture device is quite essential. Not only can you record your favorite plays but also earn money by uploading the game videos on professional forums.