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All You Need to Know About Headset Stands – Should You Buy it for Your Headset?

While there are multitude of headset accessories, such as the optical cable or a MOD kit, many gamers have their eyes on a top-notch headset stand. Surprisingly, many do not know the importance of keeping a headset stand on their gaming desks.

A headset stand is better than keeping it on your head throughout the game or using your neck as a headphone hanger.

A stand is among the few headset accessories that do not only protect your gadget but also improves your productivity by keeping your gaming desk neat and decluttered.

Let’s go over all the benefits that the headset stands offer to all users in terms of FAQs:

Do Headset Stands Damage Your Gaming Equipment?

A right stand will never damage your headset. If you have a headset with a metal band, any type of hanging stand is fine. However, consider using a special type of headset stand if your set has a cushioned band to prevent scratches and deformation.

If you are going for a hidden headset stand, ensure there are no hooks that could potentially damage the wires if you grab them without care.

What Types of Headset Stands Are Available on

You’d discover a variety of headset stands on From minimal headphone stands to hidden stands, there’s one for every type and design of headset.

The minimal headphone sets are quite practical to keep your workstation decluttered at all times. An ergonomic headphone stand retains the shape of your equipment and keeps it as good as new. The hidden headset stands, on the other hand, are quite compact and include a hook/magnet to hold your equipment under the gaming desk. Just make sure that the magnet is not strong enough to damage your speakers and you are good to go!

Are Stands for Headphones Expensive?

In comparison to headsets, the stands are quite affordable, especially if you go for the hook type. It is best to compare the price against the design. Go for a stand with a weighted base and a good grip on the surface.

While keeping a headphone stand is not necessary, it keeps your gaming desk more organized and holds the shape of your headphones. With a stand on your gaming desk, you will have no excuse to keep your headphones just about anywhere!