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What to Look for in a Gaming Monitor?

The gaming monitors are quite different from the ones you watch shows or movies on. They are robust devices that are tested and designed to ensure that the output of the processor and the Graphics card is worth every penny of the user.

The gaming monitors are responsible for displaying the rendered image or the final output of the graphics card and processor with high-quality sharpness, motion, color, etc.

While the display technology changes with advancement, the manufacturers in the market remain the same. When considering buying a gaming monitor, it is best to understand its specs and features to short-list a few models, as per your preference.

Here are some of the specs you should consider before buying the best gaming monitor from


Resolution is a primary factor in any monitor as it measures the height and width of the display in terms of pixels. Some common resolution options are 4L Ultra HD, Quad HD and full HD. If you want a gaming monitor with HD display, you can go for any resolution higher than 1280 x 720.

The higher the resolution, the harder it is to spot individual pixels with a naked eye. Therefore, you’d have more clarity while playing your favorite games.

PPI and Screen Size

The manufacturers measure the monitor’s screen size diagonally, from one corner to another. A large screen size gives immersive gaming experiences. If you want to find a monitor where you never perceive pixels individually from your naked eye, you can check the relative sharpness by measuring the pixel density from an online application.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio refers to the proportion of the monitor’s height to width. Back in the 1990s, there were boxy monitors. As of now, those boxy monitors are replaced by sleek monitors with ultrawide and widescreen aspect ratio.


The color can be evaluated in various ways, one of which is comparing two monitor screens side-by-side. If you are buying a gaming monitor online in Pakistan, it is best to compare the brightness, contrast ratio, color gamut and black display against the price tag.

Your preference in the specs while buying a monitor depends on how you have customized your gaming set up. A high-end gaming monitor lets you avoid visual artifacts, input lags and dropped frames. The improved motions, color depth and resolution in modern monitors aid to maintain the immersive gaming experience for gamers.