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Accessories to Amp Up Your Gaming Experience

Most of the passionate gamers are always on the lookout for the latest gaming accessories. If you too, spend hours searching for the right cable kit, RGB lighting strips, laptop stand or sleeve, we have just made your search easier.

We have all the gaming gear accessories that are needed to make you a superstar in your favorite game. Keep moving forward and take a look at some of the gaming accessories available at, one of the top e-commerce stores in Pakistan for consumer electronics:

Mobile Game Controller

Game controllers are quite thoughtful and timeless additions because they enable the gamers to play with high precision and comfort, even on a plane! Most of the controllers available at are universal and fit almost any Android smartphone.

The USB C-type connector in the middle increases the usability while the pass-through charging feature never lets you run out of battery.

One example of a good gaming controller is the Kishi controller by Razer. It folds into travel size and does not bother you with input lag. To sum up, it is a good investment to play games like BGMI and Clash Royal, which require fast reactions and pinpoint accuracy.


If you stream your gameplay on channels with a human element, you need a webcam to improve the quality of your videos. The webcams are typically designed to sit on top of your monitor or screen. However, the newest models can be tilted up or down so you get the right angles while recording your gameplay.

The multipurpose webcams by Logitech can also be used for video conferencing, remote work, and online learning.

Smart RGB Lighting

Take your gaming experience up a notch by personalizing the RGB lighting. The RGB lighting strips can be attached under your desk, behind your monitor, above your monitor or around the gaming gear. We will leave the customization up to you. The possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing RGB lighting for your gaming accessories.

Whether you are planning to escape to an entirely different place through virtual reality or trying to make your gaming desk as comfortable as possible, the gaming gear accessories available at will automatically enhance your experience.