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Buy a Top-grade backpack for Your Gaming Laptop

It’s no news that gaming laptops are quite heavy. While the notebooks and Chromebooks have gotten lighter and slimmer, the gaming laptops are still sold bulky in 2022.

For instance, a 17-inch gaming laptop weighs between 5 to 7 pounds. Similarly, a 15-inch gaming laptop typically weighs around 4 to 5 pounds. In comparison, a notebook weighs less than 3 pounds. Therefore, you need the best, top-grade gaming laptop backpack that lasts you for years to come.

Here are a few top picks from our experts to carry your heavyweight gaming machine:

Just like laptops, their backpacks can vary, depending on the brand, type, size, user preferences, materials used, etc. For instance, a notebook backpack won’t be a good fit for a 17-inch heavyweight gaming machine.

Consider the following factors to land a good laptop backpack online in Pakistan:

Compartment Size

The compartment size is the first thing you consider before buying a laptop backpack online. While a universal backpack is quite spacious and conventional for any 15-inch laptop, we have a separate category of bags for 13-inch ultrabooks. If you have a 17-inch gaming machine, make sure the bag you buy accommodates that.


Even a typical mid-range gaming laptop costs thousands of bucks. A small damage could cost you hundreds of bucks more. The gaming laptops are quite fragile and need adequate padding and shielding on the go.

To protect your laptop from shocks, scratches and other potential damages, look for a laptop backpack that provides a combination of padding with an air bladder or an elastic sling.

The pads compress the impacts of the shocks while the air bladder and elastic slings compress the vertical jolts. Very few laptop backpacks in Pakistan are available with dual protection for a reasonable price. But is your one-stop solution to buy any bag you like for your gaming machine.


Gamers do not just carry the laptops with them. They have additional gear and equipment, such as a microphone, for which they need space. Ensue that your gaming laptop backpack has additional compartments and pockets to carry whatever you want.


We can only think of one thing after carrying a heavy gaming machine in an uncomfortable bag for an hour: Shoulder pain! Look for wide waist belts and padded shoulder straps to travel with your laptop without discomfort, pain or frustration.

Now that you know how a good gaming laptop backpack should be like, explore all your options on and protect your machine like a baby!