Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

"You" refers to anyone who is using the website and submitting data on our server, our agent or site.

We welcome your comments/suggestions and appreciate whenever you take out time to write to us. You can send any comments and suggestions to or directly to our office address via mail.

Protection of data is a trust that binds you with us. We highly value the private data of our customers and use your personal information like name, address, cell number (submitted by you) only in the manner described in our Privacy Policy. We only collect the most relevant and important information of our customers that helps us serve them in a better way.

Your information is only stored for as long as it is necessary to do so or as long as permitted by the law.

You can navigate the entire site without submitting any personal information. During your visit to our site, you remain an anonymous party to us and we can only identify you in the case where you have logged in with your site account using a username and password.

Data that we collect

In order to place an order on, you need to submit information that is collected by and stored with us. Your personal information is stored with us for the processing of your order, for any possible claims that you might have later and for serving you in a better way. Information collected during your order placement may include your title, name, email address, telephone number, residential address, gender, fax number, delivery address, payment details, bank account details and credit card details.

This information is required for smooth processing of your order including its payment and delivery. Furthermore, it is used to inform you about the tentative delivery date of your order.

Some information like name, postal address, and phone number might be passed on to a third party for delivery of the product (this includes logistics and courier companies / suppliers). In addition, your information is passed on to our authorized franchisers who can use this information to sell you products directly or indirectly.

We also use your data for improving the service standard of the site, payment collection, enabling parts of the site for your use, detecting fraudulent activity or site abuse, sending you relevant information in the future and for any queries you might have later. All your payments will be processed by which is a licensed and registered company with a valid National Tax Number (NTN) and a legal status.

You are advised to refrain from submitting any false information on our site or to our agent. In case there is a change in your personal information, please update it as soon as you can to help us maintain your account.

All your valid order details are stored in your account and you can access them anytime by logging in with our username and password. Your account carries all your previous, existing and any future orders that you have saved in your order cart. You hereby undertake to strictly take access of personal data confidentially and limit any unauthorized access to third parties. We will not be liable for any misuse of password unless we are proven guilty for leakage of private information.

No information is passed on to the third parties until your consent is received. Your information is neither sold nor rented to third parties for the purpose of marketing until you provide explicit consent and that all your stored information is only used as described in this Privacy Policy. Safety and confidentiality of your information are of foremost importance to us and your information is stored on servers located in Pakistan which are strictly protected under physical and technological security. Our privacy principals are being continuously analyzed and verified by third parties so as to ensure optimum level of security. If you have any reservations on the use or transference of your information as described here, you are requested to refrain from using this site.

Never (under any circumstances) is your personal information rented, shared or traded with other companies without your explicit consent. However, we are obliged to surrender your information to a third party under legal-complaint request.

Your credit card information is never stored at or accessed by

Fraud Prevention for Credit uses authorized and standard services for payment and our policies adhere to the policies linked to the same.

Use of Personal Information

Any personal detail submitted on remains anonymous and is solely used for market research and statistical purposes. Your participation in surveys and your opinions are never disclosed to a third party and your email address will be passed on to third parties with your complete consent.

Your information might be used by to notify you of latest promotions, products, newsletters and other relevant information about our site(s). You can anytime "unsubscribe" to notification alerts to stop receiving these promotions and newsletters. The "Unsubscribe" link is included in emails that you receive from


Visiting the site doesn't require cookie acceptance, however, part of the site including ordering process would not be supported unless cookies are activated. Cookies are your tiny files that help our server recognize your unique user identification and are stored on the go as you visit different pages on the site. Cookies also help in identification of your browser, Internet Protocol address. This helps us offer you a time effective system where you don't have to re-enter your username and password the next time you visit the website. It also helps us remember your preferences and offer you the most relevant products. You can deny cookie acceptance on your browser, however, you won't be able to use the site without accepting cookies. We only possess safe cookies to enhance your online shopping experience and the cookies stored don’t contain any personal details.


We have incorporated state-of-the-art security protocols in our website to avert any unauthorized or suspicious access. We try our best to ensure safety of your information and all your personal or private data is stored in highly advanced and secured servers with effective firewall protection. We have hired the services of one of the best and secured electronic payment processing companies (2checkout), that uses a highly effective encryption of Security Socket Layer (SSL) for processing of credit cards. It is highly recommended not to submit any credit or debit card information over unencrypted or flawed electronic communication. We occasionally might ask for some identity proofs for security purposes. You are requested to corporate with us so that we can maintain a strict and effective security system.

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