Gaming Mouse Pads products Price in Pakistan

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What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Gaming mouse pads provide greater movement during the game. As they provide more control, you can aim for pixel-perfect headshots and annihilate your enemies in competitive games like Fortnite, Dota 2, PUBG, etc.

If you are a novice in the gaming world, it might be tough to find a price-worthy gaming mouse pad online in Pakistan.

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Keep the following considerations in mind when buying a gaming mouse pad from

Surface Material

The surface material is the primary factor to decide whether a mouse pad works best with your gaming set up. You can choose from aluminum, fabric, silicon and even glass.

After deciding the material, it comes down to the type of gaming mouse pad you want. Are you looking for a soft pad or a hard gaming pad?

The soft gaming mouse pads are also known as fabric pads in the gaming industry. The fabric gaming mouse pads are covered with pliable foam, can be transported easily and roll up quickly.

The foam or the cushion below the gaming mouse pad allows the gamers to rest their wrists after tough plays.

On the other hand, the hard gaming mouse pads are made of metal and plastic. If you want quick responses in a fast-paced game, then a hard gaming mouse pad is the right choice for you.

The mice entailing laser sensors are easier to use on hard gaming mouse pads as there are no reflections made by the strands of the cloth.


Yes, the gaming mouse pads take up a lot of space but you can adjust the size as per your requirements. They are available in various sizes, such as extended, tiny, medium, big and small.

If your mouse has low sensitivity or DPI, it is best to use oversized or extended gaming mouse pads. The better the DPI, the more control you will have when shooting in first-person games.


Do you want a thin, chunky, or a heavy gaming mouse pad? A mouse pad with a slim base gives a substantial feel, similar to a plastic film and provides comfort to the user. A heavy base is soft, pleasant and appropriate for uneven surfaces. However, a gaming mouse pad with a standard base has a striking balance between the perimeters and the thickness.

Finish (Edges)

The life of the gaming mouse pad deteriorates if the edges are frayed from harsh washing or excessive use. Consider buying a mouse pad which has stitched, thick edges around the perimeter. The seams on the edges retain the shape of the mouse pad even after several machine washes.

Wireless Charging and RGB Lighting

The RGB lighting effects complement your gaming peripherals and other accessories. The intense RGB colors enhance your gaming experience and take your imagination to the next level.

The wireless charging feature in the gaming mouse pad help you to charge your smartphone while you play. With the wireless charging option, you won’t have to worry about your mouse battery running out.

An optimal gaming mouse pad increases the device’s mobility dramatically and offers a smooth surface to facilitate quick responses and perfect tracking.