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What to Consider When Buying a Joystick?

Having a right and capable controller can enhance your gaming experience dramatically, and for a few people, the performance as well. It is essential to have a controller packed with specs because the racing game genre demands sharp and swift inputs from the user.

An arcade stick kit is also useful when it comes to making super moves, launching fireballs and iterating combo links. While a typical controller is a fairly good choice, most members of the video gaming community prefer arcade stick kits, or otherwise known as the fight sticks. But with every gamer having different genre preference and availability to a plenty of options in the market, which one’s the best for you?

Well, that certainly depends on the following factors:


Most of the modern arcade sticks available in Pakistan are compatible with PCs by default. However, you might have to install a driver if your joystick box mentions otherwise.

On the other hand, some joysticks are compatible with specific gaming consoles only. For instance, the Xbox joysticks work with the gaming consoles from the same manufacturer, Xbox S and Xbox X. Similarly, the Switch fight sticks are compatible with the PCs while PS4 arcade sticks are compatible with the latest gaming console by Sony, PlayStation 5.


The price of Arcade sticks for PC in Pakistan depends on the type you go for. While there are many advantages of selecting a simple joystick with movement inputs, they won’t help you much during ultra-competitive play sessions.

If you participate in games from your desktop every time, you should go for a joystick that clamps to the station and is heavy to move during rigorous plays. But if you are just stepping into the world of gaming, a basic joy stick by Hori will cater to your needs just fine.


An arcade stick connects to your PC or gaming console in two ways; with a link cable or without it. If you play competitively, it is best to go for a stick with direct connection. A few high-end joysticks offer dual connections; wired and wireless.

One you get the hang of using an arcade stick in your gameplays, it will alter the entire gaming experience for you. If you want a compact yet functional joystick, navigate through the top picks on our website and make your racing games more interactive and fun.