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Why is the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows a Great Purchase?

The Microsoft Xbox wireless adapter is a USB-like device that plugs into your PC with windows 10 so you can access up to 8 Xbox controllers without the hassle of cables. The dongle works quite well and is easy to use. But you need the latest software gear by Microsoft to reap the benefits of this futuristic dongle.

Let’s go through the features, design, set up and specifications of the Xbox One wireless adapter for Windows 10:

Set up and Design

The black USB stick, roughly measuring 3.4 by 1.1 by 0.3 inches bears the Xbox logo. The small indicator along with the black pairing button makes the design easy to use. Unlike the Xbox and its controller, this dongle is quite compact and convenient to place anywhere in your room. The box includes an extender cable so you can choose between the flexibility of extension cable and going wireless any day!

The setup of the dongle is no trouble at all. Right after plugging in, your computer will identify the device and pair itself with the available Xbox controller, given the pairing mode is turned on.

But how will the user know the controller is ready to use? The Xbox logo on the USB dongle will glow steadily once it has been paired successfully with the controller.

While the size of the adapter is compact, it can connect up to 8 controllers, 2 stereo headsets and 4 chat headsets.


The dongle keeps strong and responsive connection with the PC as well as the paired Xbox wireless controller. If you do not have a gamepad yet but Windows 10 in your PC, you can use the Xbox Wireless Adapter to connect multiple controllers at any time.

If you are looking for a consistently-supported method to connect the controllers wirelessly with your PC set up, this adapter is your best option.