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Are Arcade Sticks Any Good for Fighting Games?

The newcomers in the fighting game community often wonder the type of controller that’s best for them to begin their journey in this game niche. The experienced gamers in this niche have popularized arcade sticks, also known as the fighting sticks. As the arcade sticks are not readily available in Pakistan, many novice players are still skeptical about this gear.

The arcade stick has many benefits over a traditional controller if you take the fighting niche into consideration. Let’s go over some of them and eradicate your second thoughts about buying a fighting stick:


An arcade stick is a lot better in execution when it comes to fighting games that require fast and precise button presses. You would feel a slight difference upon switching to an arcade stick from a game controller. But only practice will make you a perfectionist.

In case of a fighting stick, the buttons are more accessible, which is important if you want to use any quick techniques, cheat codes or combinations.

In certain fighting situations like charging, wave-dashing and blocking, an arcade stick helps you to find corners in the game easily.

Cool Aesthetics

All gamers will most likely agree to this notion; arcade sticks are way cooler than gaming controllers. Each type of arcade has a unique feel to it. To sum up, your friends would surely be amazed by its design. The better the design, the higher the price will be for a PC arcade stick in Pakistan.

Sturdy Design

As opposed to gaming controllers, arcade sticks are quite solid and sturdy. You can toss them around your room with minimal maintenance and they would still last for years. So, the good news is; you can smash those buttons all you like!


If you stay up at night for longer gaming sessions, then comfort should be your priority. Using the d-pads for longer sessions will give you nothing but blisters. It is much more dexterous to utilize the button layout as it involves the use of wrist, arms and fingers.

If you are ready to take your fighting game to the next level, then by all means, invest in an arcade stick. A little bit of practice and your hard work will surely pay off.