TV & Video products Price in Pakistan

In this digital age, everything has come down to televisions and video. For the same reason, we present to you our wide range of television and video accessories as well as devices that make your day enjoyable. Our varieties of the best streaming media players and the top streaming media devices include the most wanted Amazon Fire TV Stick amongst other exceptional devices that can easily be paired with your Home Theater. You can enjoy these with your wired as well as Wireless Headphones that we offer. The range consists of products with high internal storage up to 16GB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi compatibility, have voice support enabled for Alexa and other virtual assistants, and provide a high-definition television experience.

More so, to ensure quality video viewing, we offer the best and cheap Bluray players in Pakistan that have exceptional features. These features include Ultra HD premium options, 4K Bluray disc playback, 4K streaming, built-in Wi-Fi, USB playback, screen mirroring, and support for a vast range of formats for video and audio both. The same goes for our DVD player options that are top of the line. These provide HD quality, are available in slim and lightweight designs, USB Playback, and much more.

To add to your viewing experience, we also have a long list of projectors and different variations as well. Our favorites out of the lot are the best portable projectors that we have. With high resolutions like XGA, LED lamps within, internal speakers with 3-chip technology, hours of screen time and compatibility, and remote control options with Apple Watch and other android devices, the list of projectors that we have are the ultimate best.

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