TV & Video products Price in Pakistan

Enjoy Binge-Watching Bliss with High-Quality TV and Video Products

Gather your friends for a thrilling movie night, where laughter and screams echo through the room. Or immerse yourself in heart-pounding sports events, feeling the adrenaline rush as your favorite soccer team scores.

Keep moving forward and explore the oh-so-necessary TV and video accessories and a lot more for an immersive entertainment experience.

TV and Home Theater Accessories

Captivate entertainment in your control by bagging high-end accessories! The HDMI cables and adapters seamlessly connect your devices, delivering stunning visuals and crisp audio for an immersive experience. Put on 3D glasses to witness movies and games pop to life, transporting you to new dimensions. And with universal remotes, channel-surfing becomes a breeze, giving you the power to command your entire entertainment setup with a single click.

HDMI Cables and Connectors

Explore high-definition magic with HDMI cables and adapters! They effortlessly connect your devices, bringing the cinema experience to your living room. Watch movies in glorious 4K resolution, play games with stunning graphics and stream content with crystal-clear audio.

Universal Remotes and Accessories

With just a single universal remote, you can effortlessly control all your electronics from your cozy bed. Power on your TV, adjust the volume, switch between channels and even dim the lights with a single click. It's the ultimate gadget that brings convenience and control to your fingertips.

Streaming Players and Devices

Streaming players and devices are nifty gadgets turn your TV into a magical screen, taking you to a universe of movies, shows and games. With just a click, you'll dive into a binge-watching marathon or embark on an epic gaming adventure. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless streaming on weekends.

Streaming Media Players

Streaming media players are the real deal if you are looking for entertainment. They conjure up a world of movies and TV shows with a flick of a remote. With their technical prowess, they gracefully decode gigabytes of data, turning your screen into portals of delight.

Streaming Media Devices

Streaming media devices unlock the world of fun and entertainment to you! Apart from live streaming, you can binge watch TV shows, action-packed movies and mind-blowing documentaries. Want to dance like nobody's watching? Stream your favorite music and get grooving in your living room.

Video Players and Recorders

The video players and recorders make the pixels come to life. These devices turn your screens into gateways of entertainment, whisking you away to distant galaxies, if you are into astronomy or roaring sports arenas if you are a sports fanatic. Whether you're capturing hilarious family moments or binge-watching your favorite series, video players and recorders make our wildest dreams a vivid reality.

Blu-Ray Players

Enjoy the cinematic wonder with Blu-ray players! Immerse yourself in jaw-dropping high-definition visuals and crystal-clear audio, as your favorite movies come to life like never before. Experience the thrill of crisp action sequences and the hilarious antics of comedy flicks, all in stunning detail.

DVD Players

Imagine cozy movie nights with friends, huddled around the bright glow of a DVD player. Watch new releases of old classics with a bucket of popcorn in your lap.


Projectors take any blank wall and turns it into a cinema screen, making movie nights a thousand times more epic. Whether you're hosting a backyard party or indulging in a cozy night in, projectors for which you have to pay a small price in Pakistan add that extra touch of excitement, immersing you in a mesmerizing world of vivid colors and stunning visuals.

Video Projectors

Video projectors are not just for movies. You can host epic gaming tournaments or deliver captivating presentations at work.

Portable Projectors

Portable projectors are like the pocket-sized theater that you can carry in your backpack and enjoy a classic movie with your friends while camping. The visuals under a starry night will make your experience one of the best ones!

No way that’s the end of the products which take your entertainment to the next level. Browse AV cables and connectors, streaming player and device accessories, digital video recorders, projectors lamps, lenses and much more!