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Streaming devices in Pakistan with the best features

The ever-increasing popularity of streaming devices in Pakistan has encouraged many to cut the traditional pay-cable service. Whether it’s the rising prices or the lack of streaming options, there’s a good chance that most of you are considering subscribing to at least one service, such as Netflix or Prime Video.

In addition to big streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, a plethora of live streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu +, and AT&T give you access to local TV channels.

The smart TVs, game consoles, and Blu-ray players have built-in streaming applications. However, a dedicated streaming device is an inexpensive option to make your TV internet-capable. Just connect your streaming device to the broadband, plug it into the TV and you are good to go.

Important features to consider in streaming devices

The main hurdle to choosing the best streaming device in Pakistan is not the price but the features. Your streaming experience majorly depends upon the ergonomics of the device. Here are the features that influence the price you’re paying for it:

4K with HDR

The majority of 4K TVs are smart and have direct access to streaming apps. But the 4K streaming media players with HDR capability provide special features, high performance, and access to more HDR formats.

Simple installation and set-up

The simpler the setup, the better the user experience. A Wi-Fi-protected set-up lets you connect to the entertainment world by pressing two buttons; one on the device and the other on the router. The wired media player and device accessories are rarely used today. The same is the case with streaming devices having an Ethernet jack.

However, you can consider buying a wireless transmitter for hassle-free streaming if your TV does not have an HDMI input.

The latest models entail a USB port and do not hook up with TVs lacking an HDMI input. One advantage of the USB port is that you can play your content, such as music and photos on the big screen, using the already established network.

Well-designed streaming device accessories

The advanced models come with embedded streaming player remote controls so you can search using the microphone. The dedicated buttons allow for easy links to applications while the backlit surface comes in handy during movie nights.

Pick the right streaming media player with

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