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Signs you need to buy a new projector lamp

Although, the world is shifting towards LED video units, the traditional projector accessories, such as lamps still dominate the entertainment industry. While the LED portable projectors have a longer lifespan, many of the users have learned to replace the damaged lamps with traditional ones like AV professionals.

No one likes interruption during a movie by a fused lamp of the video projector as the unannounced disturbance with your friends and family can take a bad turn. Therefore, you should always look for warning signs and keep a spare one to avoid the mess.

Here are a few red flags to look out for:

Popping sound on complete failure

A popping sound right after turning your projector on means that the bulb is burnt out and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. As long as you don’t replace it with a new one, you would see a dark or black screen.

Dim light from the video projector

If the light is dim even after blocking out all the ambient light in the room, it probably means that the lamp is dying and needs to be changed as soon as possible.

One way to confirm the deteriorating component is to maximize the brightness and make the room as dark as possible. If the image quality has not improved a bit, replace the bulb and troubleshoot your device again.

Indicator warning

Some models have a dedicated indicator to identify the diminishing life of the projector lamp. Therefore, you can buy a backup, if not replace the bulb right away.

Furthermore, it is important to reset the indicator after bulb replacement. Otherwise, you won’t be getting a warning message in the future.

Flickering image/video

The flickering video on the screen is a big red flag that something is wrong with your projector lamp. If your projector lenses and bulb have not been exposed to direct heat and cold, the flickering is indicating a malfunction.

Therefore, you should start looking for project lamps prices in Pakistan right away. Conducting proper market research might land you at places that provide top-notch products with the best prices.