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Should you buy a long-throw lens or a short-throw projector lens from

It is essential to have a wide understanding of the lens and how it affects the quality of the projected image. The more you understand the features, the easier it is for you to buy the right video projector from

Although changing the projector’s optics is not feasible, you can understand the features and still enhance the performance capabilities. The projected image is highly dependent on the projector lamp, throw, and lens quality.

So, which throw range should you go for? Read how selecting the right projector lens can boost your experience while using big screens:

Zoom range and throw ratio affect brightness

When buying home theater or portable projectors, the buyers look for brightness, which is one of the obvious specifications to adhere to. One interesting fact is that you can vary the brightness by 30 percent with the right placement.

As compared to telephoto mode, the lens produces more lumens when it is in wide-angle mode. All you have to do is place the screen within the projector’s throw range and you will see a noticeable effect on the brightness.

Long throw lens

Large spaces, such as lecture rooms, cinemas, conference rooms, worship houses, and concert venues have the projectors mounted very far from the big screens. If you are buying projector accessories for large venues, consider a lens with a throw ratio of 4:1 or above.

Standard throw lens

The standard throw projector lens price in Pakistan is comparatively lower than the cost of its short-throw counterpart. They are most commonly used in home theaters, classrooms, and conference venues. Unlike the short-throw counterparts, the projected image will distort or disappear if someone blocks out the light.

As the throw ratio of these projectors is more or less 2:1, you can mount it on the ceiling as well as the rear wall. Shelf mounting does not only cut down the installation and cable costs but also eliminates the need to use ladders when troubleshooting the projector.

Short throw lens

Want a larger image projection from a short distance? A short-throw lens projector is your solution. If the room is shallow, you can just put the short-throw lens projector on your coffee table and get going with non-stop entertainment.

Ultra-short throw lens

Before the advent of ultra-short-throw projectors, the users were interrupted by the breaking light and the casting shadows on the screen. The ultra-short throw lens does not need to maintain the line of sight and is able to create a 120” image from 2 feet away.

The ultra-short throw lenses entail complex optics and hence, are the most expensive of all categories. They work on a maximum throw ratio of 0.37:1 and offer a negligible zoom range.

If you want to achieve optimal image quality, look for a projector with a lens shift feature. The horizontal and vertical shift lens moves the image left, right, up, and down to align it with the screen. Your projector will never disappoint if you keep the main specifications in mind while buying it.