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Switch to smart and portable projectors with Tejar.pk

The portable video projectors combine the integrated smart functionality with high-performance display technology to boost your viewing experience. The latest models of portable projectors can connect to your content services, home network, and mobile phones to start the fun right away.

Incorporated with a myriad of features and projector accessories, smart projectors are enough for outdoor events. The built-in technology allows them to connect instantly and shine brightly throughout the movie night.

These models are known for their portability, app integration, and voice control features. Moreover, they do not require projector lamps, which is a plus point if you dislike maintaining your consumer products.

Many brands claim to have launched smart projectors but it is more than just integrating a built-in microprocessor.

Portable structure

The portable projectors weigh as little as a pound, making them travel-friendly. On the contrary, portable home theater projectors weigh more but can be carried easily via a handle.

If the projector is going to sit on a table outside, it's better to go for a portable home theater projector. Knowing how and where you are going to use the projector usually aids the buying decision.

DLP technology

The DLP technology in LED smart projectors accounts for a longer lifespan, making it a good investment for years to come. While the traditional projector lenses dim over time, the smart ones remain bright and provide increased luminosity and color saturation.

A typical smart LED projector can shine consistently for up to 300,000 hours, as opposed to traditional ones with dimming issues. The low fan noise feature really lives up to the portable projector price in Pakistan. Therefore, do not forget to weigh the features, pros, and cons of your top picks.

App store integration

These units are only as smart as the applications integrated with it. The smart projector with ample storage, memory, and multiple core processors allows you to stream movies, enable voice controls, and switch between applications, all at once.

Voice control commands

No need for a remote when your projector has a voice control feature. Use Alexa to switch on the projector, toggle between the applications or control the volume.

Auto keystone and focus features

The portable smart projector is integrated with a small motor that enables the autofocus feature to display a sharp picture. Furthermore, the auto keystone attribute allows you to adjust the perfect viewing angle from the comfort of your seat.

The major shift of technology in smart projectors has completely changed the equation of streaming on big screens. Get your hands on the best portable units and optimize your entertainment experience now.