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Even though we have been using AV cables for years now, we have no credible knowledge to distinguish the best type for our hardware setups. Every time you put on your favorite game or binge-watch a new Netflix show on TV, you are using an AV cable. A wrong cable can cut down your screen time with interruptions.

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AV Output cables- What are they?

The output cables bring your laptops, monitors, TVs and PCs to life for the best possible entertainment at home. Other than that, many businesses use AV cables as integral components for their operations. Without AV cables, it is nearly impossible for the employees to give top-notch presentations.

Decide the best AV cable for your application among the following types:

RCA AV cables

RCA AV cables are among the oldest types and used for standard devices such as gaming consoles, DVD players, cable boxes, etc. They are divided into three separate output channels: the yellow output connects the video and the white and red channels are used for left and right audio channels, respectively.

It is highly imperative to double-check if the channels are connected properly to the device. Otherwise, you might be frustrated with choppy audio or poor-quality screen results.

Coaxial AV cables

Coaxial connectors are best for cable providers and suppliers because they transmit the video and audio signals to the cable box. It is connected to your television via an HDMI cable. However, older Tv sets rely on S-video cables for transmitting cues. They work by disseminating the color signal and brightness of the visual data. If you have an old television that does not support HDMI, you can always rely on coaxial cables.

VGA AV cables

VGA cables are capable of showing only video data from computers to screens, such as your monitor. As the model is purely analog, the resolution or the image quality would not be as good as DVI and HDMI cables.

However, both, the VGA and DVI cables can’t transmit sound. Therefore, we suggest you start looking for HDMI AV cables and connectors price in Pakistan – a great alternative to get high-resolution images with no need for separate audio cables.

HDMI AV Cables

HDMI connectors are used for displaying high-definition videos on desktop computers, laptops, Blue-ray players, gaming consoles, and whatnot. The configuration of your HDMI cable is highly dependent on whether your device is a standard device or 4K.

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