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Which brands deal in streaming media players?

Whether you are a cord-cutter wanting to go entirely online or an entertainment enthusiast looking to supplement your TV services, buying a streaming media player might be an excellent option. As compared to smart TVs, standalone streaming media devices are incorporated with exceptional features, show faster performance, and tend to have a wider selection of applications.

With tough competition between the best streaming devices, it is hard to pick one and stand by it. The top brands are constantly improving the hardware for better performance and user experience.

While the buying decision depends upon the streaming platforms you want to use, you have to take into consideration the streaming player and device accessories that come in the box.

Here are some top brands that deal in the best streaming devices:


The Roku streaming players are widely popular and boast of having a wide selection of popular streaming applications, such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Pandora, YouTube, etc. The easy user interface, streaming player remote control, and other accessories included in the box make Roku one of the top-selling brands.

The Roku streaming media players are available in set-up boxes as well as portable options that are about the size of a USB.


NVIDIA devices connect instantly to most of the world-famous streaming services like Spotify. The majority of the models have 4K with HDR capabilities to stream high-quality visual content. The PC gamers prefer using NVIDIA players because they support gaming services like GeForce.

In addition, they are compatible with wireless transmitters and switchers in case your TV lacks an HDMI input port.

Google Chromecast

Cast your favorite music, TV shows, sports matches, and movies using Chromecast streaming devices. These media players plug into your TV via the HDMI input. They are compatible with Chromebooks, Android phones, Windows laptops, Apple phones, iPads, and Apple computers. The Ultra Chromecast lets you stream in 4K resolution.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon streaming devices have two types: a set-up box perfect for your home entertainment system and a Fire TV stick, ideal for entertainment on the go. The Amazon streaming devices show an outstanding picture and audio quality, making them some of the best yet most reliable options in the market.

Apple TV

Apple TV is the only streaming media player compatible with iTunes. Your entire music and video library that you have purchased through a different device can be displayed on the big screen through Apple TV.

Ultimately, there are plenty of device options if you are shopping by brand. However, it all comes down to how much you are willing to spend on your favorite entertainment content.