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The top streaming player remote controls of 2022

A remote control might be the most unappreciated yet useful device included in the box with the streaming media player. Other features, such as the format support, speed, and software might matter more but the remote is what you most interact with, during the screen time. Therefore, it can make or break your entire stance on a streaming media device.

Even the top streaming media device brands, like Roku, Apple, and Amazon agree on the ergonomics of an ideal remote control. The majority of streaming player and device accessories are now smaller and intuitively designed to enhance the user experience, including the remote control. The makers have rendered them to be less clunky as they were, just a while ago.

The ergonomics of the best streaming player remote for you

You must take the ergonomics, size, intuitive use, and design into consideration before buying the best remote control for your streaming device. It is essential to have your eyes on the remote which boasts great pairing capabilities.

Here are the best player remote controls of 2022, ranked on their features and usability:

Apple Siri Remote

Enjoy full control of the 4th generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K with Siri remote. Find anything to watch, just by talking to the smart virtual assistant. The dual-microphone remote is equipped with an IR transmitter, wireless technology, and lightning connector for quick and hassle-free charging. The hot feature in this device is the Touch Surface for direct interaction with your Apple TV.

However, you would need an additional iOS controller or device if you plan on playing multiplayer games with your friends and family.

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Upgrade to one of the best voice-enabled remotes by Roku and operate all models of media players, TVs, and audio products by the same brand. Switch on your TV and have full command over your viewing options using the hands-free microphone. The lost device finder, shortcut buttons, and one-touch control feature make it one of the best releases by Roku.

Use the free mobile application to find the lost remote instead of searching every nook and cranny of the room. It also saves you from swapping batteries every now and then. Keep the remote fully charged with the USB charger included in the box.

The headphones, for private listening are, however, sold separately. You can check out our streaming player remote controls and accessories section for the most compatible headphones.

Amazon Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Generation)

The 2nd generation remote control by Amazon is voice-enabled and compatible with Amazon Fire TV Cube and 2nd generation Fire TV stick. The mute, power, and volume buttons let you control the receiver and the soundbar alongside the TV. Controlling the content becomes easy for the user through built-in playback and navigation controls.

Communicate with Alexa to control the smart devices at home, listen to the news and check the local weather or the scores of your favorite team.

While it takes time to configure the media players with other accessories like wireless transmitters, you can start using the remote instantly by pressing a single button.