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Which digital cable is best for you?

The world was simpler and our screens were smaller before the barrage of AV input cables. The monitors usually come with a fresh cable that anyone can set up and get the device working. But what if you intend for better contrast ratios, compatibility, and signal quality?

Let’s compare the two latest AV input technologies and see which one is best for you – HDMI or DVI.

HDMI Vs. DVI – Differences between latest AV input cables

Both the cables might seem like alternatives to a simple cable included in your monitor box but the key differences are quite significant. HDMI, short for High-definition Media Interface is used as a standard cable for UHD and HD televisions. The carried audio makes it ideal for monitors as well.

On the other hand, DVI, short for the digital visual interface is an older technology that is on the verge of getting obsolete from the advancing world. DVI cables are more or less the same as HDMI cables but lack the audio aspect.

AV Input Layout of HDMI and VDI cables

The DVI cables have a complex structure and are bigger than HDMI connectors in appearance. One common layout of DVI cables is a 24-pin set-up while an HDMI cable looks like an oversized USB. You would have to be very careful while buying because DVI cables are available in different iterations.

The HDMI models are relatively simpler and easy to distinguish online, for your monitor. For example, the available versions, which are HDMI 2.0 and 2.1 add a dynamic HDR, support the 10K resolutions and work on the frame rate of up to 120 Hz.

On the contrary, DVI input technology has three variants: DVI-D (Digital), DVI-A (Analog), and DVI-I (Digital and Analog). Both of the AV input cables are available in either dual or single link format.

If you are investing in a DVI cable, you would have to buy an audio cable separately as it does not support the 32-channel audio model, like HDMI connectors.

Compatibility of HDMI and DVI cables

When shopping for connectors, you have to put compatibility above the HDMI cable price in Pakistan. Therefore, inspect the ports of your hardware. An HDMI cable is most likely compatible with the majority of modern laptops, monitors and PCs.

If your monitor has a DVI input and your laptop entails HDMI, no need to worry. You can buy HDMI to DVI cable from Tejar.pk to get your hardware up and running.

To sum up, you are better off with an HDMI cable if you are concerned about the refresh rates. But it all depends upon the compatibility of the AV input cable with your monitor and laptop.