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Best streaming player and device accessories to get in 2022

The media devices have become exclusively popular for having all the streaming applications in one place. If your channel provider is not broadcasting HBO Max, don’t worry as the streaming player brands have you covered.

Get an endless supply of your favorite TV shows, movies, and documentaries by the best streaming media devices from The top-notch streaming media players are stacked with ever-so-popular services. As the standards are high, missing out on the player’s features and accessories might become a hindrance to your entertainment.

The built-in functions allow you to connect them to your home Wi-Fi using wireless transmitters and plug them to your TV for binge-watching your favorite shows. The advanced models come with streaming player remote controls for easy pause-and-play throughout the screen time.

Get compatible accessories for your streaming media player

Although the streaming media players come with all the necessary accessories, daily wear and tear can damage them. If you are easily frustrated by damaged components, you should always keep extra converters, cables, dongles, and adaptors to ensure non-stop streaming.

Get your hands on the best streaming player and device accessories to stay online for your favorite shows:

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

The Microsoft wireless display adapter lets you display everything from your mobile or laptop on big screens. You can view maximized personal images or give a lively presentation – all without the wire tangles.

It is one of the best devices to modernize your business meetings. Just connect it to the room projector and impress your colleagues. The Miracast technology does not let the device be limited to streaming apps only. You can access everything on the big screen – from PowerPoint to your pictures in the gallery. The reliable connection with a range of up to 23 feet will have you question its compact size.

AVerMedia Composite to HDMI Video Converter

If you want to recall the memories by converting the old videos to playable formats, try the AverMedia Composite video converter device. The convenient plug-and-play formula will source the videos from VGA and make them readable for mobile phones, laptops and PCs.


The dual vibration controller by NVIDIA is all you need to improve your gameplay. The built-in IR blaster lets you control the voice and the headset jack works just fine for private listening and voice search.

Media player accessories ensure that you make the most of your device’s functionality. Get your favorite media players and all their accessories from the trusted platform in Pakistan,