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Which type of video projector is best for you?

As with other consumer products, buying the right projector is easy if you are armed with the right information. A few tech enthusiasts are already familiar with the prerequisites, such as the throw, size, and resolution. But the versatility alongside the video projector price in Pakistan has some of us confused between the models and types.

The overlapping features and the models landing in dual categories can leave you with the wrong option. So, what is the ideal type of digital projector for you? Find out with and put your money on the right product.

Pico projectors

Portable projectors, also known as pocket-sized units resemble miniature multimedia devices and are typically smaller than smartphones. They basically substitute for small TVs or screens that you can carry while traveling.

The image size is, however, compromised by the bulky cooling systems and the LED lamps to reduce the power consumption. The brightness of the high-end projectors ranges anywhere between 400 to 1000 lumens, which is way less if compared to that of the multimedia projectors.

As the Pico projectors lack optical zoom, you would have to be very flexible with the screen placement. Otherwise, they are highly valued to provide entertainment on the go.

Multimedia digital projectors

Multimedia digital projectors are widely sold and used for general purposes- from screening video clips at the wedding to giving business presentations through PowerPoint. The optical zoom range of the multimedia projector lenses is short as compared to their home theater counterparts.

While the multimedia projector lamps (brightness) make up for the short zoom range, you need to ensure that the screen size is compatible with the projector’s throw. The VGA input is still the staple for video projectors, however, many models are now available with digital inputs, like SDI, Display Port, DVI, and HDMI for more functionality.

Home theater video projectors

Home theater video projectors emphasize more on image quality. They provide a good zoom range and run on the maximum brightness of 1800 lumens.

With regards to projector accessories and specifications, home theater video projectors are widely preferred in every setting, given you can manage to block out the ambient light.

A video projector as the centerpiece of your home theater system, can elevate your streaming experience and add value to your entertainment set-up.