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Can you use a universal TV remote for smart LED?

When you have a cable box, TV, and a serious home entertainment set up, it helps to have a universal TV remote for easy controls. Home automation consolidates our tasks and allows us to keep full control of all devices from the comfort of our bed.

The majority of smart TVs come with compatible remotes. However, they do not provide the convenience and ease as much as universal TV remotes do. They are easier to pair with every device and frees you from the trouble of using multiple remotes every day.

Pair universal TV remotes with multiple devices

A universal TV remote is a controller that can be paired with multiple devices. For instance, they can connect to your smart TV, just like any regular TV remote, to let you toggle between the channels, adjust the volume and even switch between streaming applications like Prime Video.

Advanced universal remotes are often used to control lights, speakers, TV, soundbars, and much more. One similar device is the universal AC remote, which lets you control the appliance’s temperature as well as the functions of other electronic devices.

Best universal remotes for smart TVs

Although the tech market is saturated, Logitech is a dominant player when it comes to universal TV remotes. The Harmony Elite by Logitech can control a total of 15 devices at once. Moreover, its control is not limited to home entertainment systems only. You can control multiple devices at home, such as thermostats, lights, etc.

The model can also be integrated with smart voice assistants, like Alexa to enhance the user experience. The touchscreen lets you access all the settings at once for proper linked control over multiple devices.

Universal AC remotes are comparatively higher in price than universal TV remotes because they provide dual functionality. If you want an automated and intuitive approach to control multiple devices at once, universal remotes might be the solution to your problem.