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Projectors for home entertainment, business and education

Although the prices of TVs have significantly dropped in recent years, a projector provides the best value for individuals who prefer watching movies and shows on large screens. However, the crowded field of projector models makes it daunting to pick one for your home theater.

As like the TV, the performance of the projector is greatly impacted by the screen type, the size, and the environment of the room. has put together 5 aspects you need to consider before buying a projector for home entertainment, business, or educational purposes:


Video projectors are available in different resolutions; from XGA and WXGA to 1080p and 4K ultra– HD. The video projectors with 1080p and 4K resolutions are best suited to watch high-quality content. On the other hand, a WXGA projector will do just fine if you want an average screen for business presentations.

Projector size

The size bracket is wide when it comes to the video projectors - from compact and portable units to high-end units for huge performance spaces. The size totally depends on where you are going to utilize the unit. If you need it for the conference room, consider buying a ceiling-mounted unit for a large screen. Similarly, pick a portable projector if you want entertainment on the go.


The throw of a video projector is an overlooked feature that is as important as the size of the unit. Consider buying an ultra-short-throw model if you plan on using it in tight spaces, like a living room. The majority of the latest UST models are capable of throwing projection on non-flat surfaces.


Let’s not ignore the connectivity of the unit with various devices, like your PC, laptop, Chromebook, mobile phone, or a streaming media player. An HDMI cable is very common when connecting the projector lenses to the TVs. However, you would need to pick a wireless connector from projector accessories if you wish to connect to a wide array of devices.


Brightness is one of the features that fluctuate the projector price in Pakistan. A typical non-portable projector lamp for indoor spaces has a range between 4000 to 6000 lumens. Whereas, the brightness of portable projectors ranges from 400 to 1000 lumens. A DLP model is the most suitable if you want to view the presentation or video content in broad daylight. has a wide variety of entertainment and business projectors, ranging from portable and compact ones to ceiling-mounted units for large spaces. We offer the best for every budget and space. Feel free to contact us with any questions related to projectors and accessories.