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Projector accessories you must buy right away

Setting up a home theater is one thing and replicating the cinematic experience is another. The latest video projectors have built-in features but the viewing experience is never the same as the cinema. However, smart accessories can be quite an upgrade for your set-up.

Some accessories step up the image quality while others improve the convenience factor and overall functionality.

Irrespective of your use case, here are the must-buy projector accessories to make your streaming experience worthwhile:

Projector safety case

If you are using a portable projector, then buying a cover should be your priority. It allows you to carry the portable unit securely and conveniently. However, a projector is not the only thing you can fit in the case. The safety cases have enough space for projectors lamps, streaming stick devices, cables, small speakers, and other accessories.

A few cases have a separate compartment to keep your mobile phone, tablet, or notebook. The accessory keeps the projector away from blemishes, scratches, and environmental factors like dust, humidity, etc.

Display cables and adapters

Often comes a time when you have to connect the projector with your office laptop or computer. If the display port of your computer is different from that of the unit, you would need an adapter right away. The most popular display connectors are HDMI, VDI, VGA, and Display Port.

Most of the projectors have HDMI ports while the office computers usually entail VGA ports. Therefore, you would need an HDMI to VGA connector to move ahead.

Projector stand

A projector tripod is ideal where ceiling or shelf mounting is not feasible. It provides a leveled surface to portable projectors and is available in various sizes to fit all types of Pico and regular-sized projectors. The tripod stands to ensure that you watch steady and top-notch visual content even if you relocate the projector to another room.

External speakers

Many entertainment enthusiasts overlook the importance of good external speakers. The projectors have built-in speakers but they are of poor quality and are barely audible to the ears. External speakers are sold separately from home theater systems and are very useful for outdoor movie nights.

Projector cleaning kit

The dust on the projector lenses impacts the quality of the visual content. Therefore, it is smart to keep the dust off using the cleaning kits. These kits include an optics cleaning spray, an air pump, microfiber cloths, and brushes.

The air pump is used rarely – only to vacuum out the lint and dust on the projector’s cooling fan. However, you would use the cloth and cleaning spray regularly to display sharp and crisp video content.

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