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Are there different types of 3D glasses?

Digital content producers and filmmakers are rapidly exploring the possibilities to enhance the 3D video effects. It is best to view 3D video content in all its glory, using the gadgets available. All types of 3D glasses you see online are divided into two types; passive and active.

Passive and active 3D glasses in Pakistan

The passive 3D glasses have been around for a long time, particularly since the 1920s. Unlike active 3D glasses, they do not interact with the images wirelessly. They are further divided into two subtypes; anaglyphic and polarized 3D glasses.

Anybody who has watched 3D movies in the cinema has used anaglyphic glasses. They work by projecting two nearly-identical offset images on the projector screen. The images are tinted with two different colors and the whole picture seems blurry with color hues. The glasses entail filtering lenses to show differently colored images to each eye.

Technically, the right eye sees a different picture than the left eye but our mind is tricked into believing otherwise. In short, the anaglyphic 3D glasses create the illusion of depth by blending two offset images. On the contrary, polarized 3D glasses filter the light waves instead of the color.

As every device in the market, the 3D glasses have had their fair share of technical bounds and leaps. The active 3D glasses of today interact with the screen using infrared signals.

One advantage of active 3D glasses is that they are adaptable to TV sets. The majority of TV sets are now incorporated with stereoscopic connectors and 3D active technology so people can enjoy their favorite shows and movies in high definition.

The foremost factor to consider, after deciding on the 3D glasses price in Pakistan is that you purchase from the same manufacturer as you buy the projector from. The calibration will be precise and the glasses will react to each frame at the exact time.

Active 3D glasses are usually not interchangeable and calibrated with specific brands of projectors. Therefore, do your due diligence before purchasing one from Tejar.pk.