Drones & Toys products Price in Pakistan

If you have been looking for the best drone and drone accessories in Pakistan, we have you completely covered. Our extraordinary range of drones and drone accessories has everything that a drone enthusiast would need. From mini drone cameras to full-sized ones, we have a variety that offers every feature you might need. Quadcopters with flight distance up to 8.5 km, detachable batteries, and cameras that provide 5 megapixels at least. DJI and Phantom drones are just some of the many brands we offer. To couple these devices up, we also have laptops with the best Laptop price in Pakistan.

Furthermore, we also have drone accessories to keep the drones in check. These accessories include drone backpacks, durable propellers that keep the drones tightened, extra flight batteries that can add up to 31 minutes of flight time to the drone, and more. Others include the best Gimbal Protectors, which provide the ultimate protection of the gimbal and camera and remote controllers compatible with their relevant drone manufacturers.We also offer you an idea of gimbal prices in Pakistan Gimbal prices in Pakistan.

We also offer a wide selection of toys. We have the best toy collection online for our customers to pick from. These toys include robotic toys which are mostly Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi, enabled, offer USB charging options, have RC remotes for controlling, and can communicate in multiple languages like the UBTECH Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk50 Robot, which communicates in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Korean and Chinese.

Other toys that also feature on our website include electronic learning toys. These toys provide children with learning platforms through their interactive and strategic gameplay, durability to ensure they don’t break down, and compatibility with a wide array of products and devices. Different types of toy cars, too, are available and in many different variations. These variations include super trucks, armored themed cars and are powered with strong artificial intelligence. All of these are also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible.