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Accessories to Buy for Your Drone

So, you already have a drone? That’s cool! How about you open more portals to the world of aerial photography with drone accessories? With the right accessories for your flying machine, you can access the video features you have never used before.

Many of them just enhance the user experience. However, there are many accessories, such as a drone charger cable or a drone battery power bank that are essential to carry around.

Here’s a list of essential accessories you should get right now:

Spare Battery

One absolute accessory you need to buy is a 3dr solo drone battery. A spare battery always comes in handy, especially if your drone dies amid your aerial photography project. The flight time of consumer drones is recorded in minutes. Even a high-end consumer drone can stay in the air for a maximum of 40-45 minutes.

If you have an aerial shoot that is going to be longer than 30 minutes, a spare drone battery will be your savior.

Car Charger Cable

After a spare battery comes an accessory to top up your drone’s original battery at all times; a charger cable. Keep shooting without any interruptions and capture the best aerial shots without any hassle. If a car charger cable seems skeptical to invest in, try a power inverter instead.

An inverter converts DC supply to AC so you can use your drone’s normal charger and even juice up your laptop or phone simultaneously.

Propeller Guard

If you are planning to fly your drone indoors or still tackling the learning phase, investing in propeller guards is going to be the best decision ever! A propeller guard is similar to a protective cage that prevents damage if your drone bumps into things. However, a propeller guard can impact flight performance, especially in windier conditions.

Just like these items, our website is full of different accessories to explore all features of your drone with fun.