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The Best Robotic Toys of 2022 for Your Kids

The robots have been a big part of our lives since a decade now and they don’t seem to back down. Instead, they are becoming increasingly popular to perform mundane tasks. They are also considered great STEM toys for children as they are fun, cool-looking and interactive.

The robot toys in Pakistan improve the children’s STEM skills through different engineering challenges, math riddles and coding problems.

Here are some robotic toys that the children at your home will definitely love to play with:

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

The dash coding robot by Wonder Workshop will perform voice-activated tasks right away! You can expand the technical capabilities of this cute coding robot by connecting it to an application compatible with Kindle Fire, iOS and Android.

Sphero BB-8 Droid

When it comes to robots, Star Wars doesn’t opt out of the competition. The Star Wars characters are well-known among the kids as well as the adult. The smaller version of the Sphero BB-8 Droid is suitable for kids 8 years old and above. The droid can be programmed from any Android or iOS device and includes great features such as adaptive personality, built-in camera sensor and holographic videos.

The voice- or app-activated droid responds to the preferences of the user. Therefore, it is best to introduce the droid as your child’s first robotic toy.

Anki Cozmo Toy Robot

If your kid is a fan of Wall-E, he will love having Anki Cozmo toy robot as his birthday gift. Even you can play games with it but don’t make a habit of winning all the time or else it will throw a tantrum.

If connected to Android or iOS, it can recognize names and faces. Your kid can use the easy drag-and-drop function for coding. In addition, the 100 human-like emotions of this robot car toy that we can deliver anywhere in Pakistan, will keep you entertained throughout the play time.

We are in the era of technology and toys are catching up real fast. The robotic toys are not only fun but educational to prepare your little one for the race of life.