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Prepare for the Battle with Anki Supercars

The overdrives aren’t just cars. These toy cars for kids and adults are programmed to survive brutal racing battles. The Anki metal toy cars available online in Pakistan at our store can be controlled by your smart devices. You can use your smartphones or tablets to take down your rivals by using a wide array of weapons. From flame throwers to plasma cannon, you’d experience brutal racing battles with Anki supercars.

Here's all about the Anki supercars series:


The GroundShock supercar by Anki lets the user electrify the whole track for a split-second. The lightning-fast attacks and quick maneuvering across the track are two common selling points of Anki GroundShock. No other supercar wants to be in the way when the GroundShock shoots its electric blasts.


While the Magma core engine of Thermo is old school, the supercar itself meets future. The hyper-charged internal combustion system projects fire at any car in the range while burning up the whole track.


The superpower of the Anki Skull is its high speed. This dirty warrior plays by its own rules on the track because its plasma cannon rips through the hulls of the enemy.

Big Bang

The amor-plated heavyweight body is what makes it the biggest on the track. The massive shockwaves created by the Graviton Core will have your rivals flying off the track.


The Nuke supercar unleashes high-ultra blasts of energy that tears through the regular shields. The explosive interior and cool interior of the Nuke are definitely worth your money.


The siren of Guardian keeps the victory on tracks at full volume. The supercar’s terrifying and brutal sirens go right through the armor and causes the rivals to lose control on the track.

International MXT

The International MXT is a fortified castle in disguise. The Minigun of this supercar works best to shred the opponents to bits.

Ice Charger

The price of Ice Charger car toy in Pakistan is quite reasonable, given the piercing weapons and top speed can knock off the rivals in seconds.

Freewheel Truck

Don’t let the smooth exterior of the Freewheel truck fool you. The Gravity Trap will tear apart the opponents in a second.

These supercars by Anki are everyone’s favorite toys. The victorious attitude you get by owning these car toys will have you destroying your enemies in seconds.