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Essential Accessories for Your Drone

The drones are quite popular among enthusiasts, kids and photographers. For the very reason, the market is flooded with all kinds of drone accessories. Over the past decade, drones and their accessories have gone from expensive and high-end to affordable, readily available and mainstream.

You might get a lot of answers upon searching, ‘drone accessories near me’ but in reality, only a few of them make a real difference, whether you have a commercial or a recreational flying machine.

Here’s a list of drone accessories you need to amp up your experience dramatically:

Spare Propellers

Whether you go for a commercial drone or a recreational model, it will come with a spare set of propellers. This is a huge clue to the users that they are more likely to get damaged. While drones are fairly better to survive the crashes, their propellers might get damaged.

Using damaged propellers comes with a risk of damaging your drone as well. Therefore, having a spare set is never a bad idea. You would find a lot of third-party options that have the best value for money.

Propeller Guard

If you are flying your drone indoors regularly, a propeller guard might come in handy to protect your original set from damages. While they can impact the flight performance, it is worth the purchase.

Joystick Guard

The joysticks on your drone’s remote controller are also susceptible to damage. You can either remove them every time you are in transit or invest in a joystick guard. A guard keeps the joysticks from moving and also function to protect your screen.

Tablet Bracket

Many drones connect to the Wi-Fi so your smartphone can work as a remote controller. A lot of drone enthusiasts prefer using tablets as the big screen gives them a clearer view of the sky and control buttons. If you choose to fly your drone through a tablet, you need a bracket to protect your controller at all times.

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