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The Best Toy Drones for Fun

Many enthusiasts drool over high-grade, professional drones that are specifically designed for adults to fly. If you want a toy drone for kids, a racing quadcopter might not be a good selection. For a person just learning to fly a drone, a cheap toy drone would be more practical.

A toy drone is a good way to amp up your flying skills without worrying about the loss of money. It is designed to fly in the air for a few minutes around your backyard or living room. With no fear of the drone crashing or disappearing into the trees, they are more fun to fly and play with.

As the tech is getting more and more advanced yet cheaper, the toy drones are equipped with all the features such as the GPS, FPV, camera, gimbal, etc.

If you are confused which model of toy drone to buy, you can start with the following options available at

Parrot Mambo FPV

Looking for a toy drone with camera at the best prices? Behold the Mambo FPV by Parrot that includes a 720p HD camera, a grabber claw and a small cannon. With just a microSD card, you can enjoy the first-person-view as the drone streams directly to your smartphone.

The mini drones by Parrot are specifically designed to make the flight experience easy for novice users. The Drift mode in this drone disables the horizontal stabilization while the racing mode disables the autopilot for full manual control.

As you can adjust all the settings, including the directional speeds, you can master to FPV race at your own pace.

PowerUp FPV Paper Drone

As the name suggests, this paper airplane with a small camera is turned into a drone and provides excellent first-person-view. You can preview the captured videos and photos on your smartphone or tablet.

All you get in a package is a few sheets to build the mechanism of a drone. Moreover, the carbon-fiber struts are used in the drone to hold the propellers and the two motors. However, the motors are independent and work to turn the drone in any angle you want. Overall, the FPV paper drone by PowerUp is quite lightweight and does not weigh more than 2.3 ounces.

If you have browsed the prices of toy drones in Pakistan, you must know by now that they are quite budget-friendly if compared to professional drones and perfect for kids to have a fun time outdoors.