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Types of Gimbals You Can Buy for Your Drone

If you are a drone enthusiast and looking to make your flying machine better-equipped, Tejar.pk is the right place for you. As the drone camera prices in Pakistan are exclusively for the flying machine only, you’d have to browse and buy the accessories separately.

Just as the drone, its accessories have been around in the market for years. Let’s talk about the technology that works quite well with the drones; the Gimbal technology.

So, what’s a drone gimbal and why do you need one? Basically, a gimbal provides stability to the drone and includes singular or multiple axes. The axes, operated by brushless motors, prevent instability in the videos due to bumpy movements. We have different types of gimbals, separated by the number of axes.

Types of Drone Gimbals

The high-end drones have built-in gimbals along with the cameras. These gimbals have 3-axes, 2-axes or 1-axis systems to control the pan, tilt and roll angles of the camera. Let’s see which type of gimbal suits your drone the best:

1-axis Gimbal

As the drone flies in all the directions and angles, it might be hard for you to handle a camera pivoting in a single direction only. However, the 1-axis gimbals are quite lightweight as they have a single motor to balance the drone’s tilt.

2-axis Gimbal

The 2-axis gimbals for drone handle the roll and tilt to provide high-quality and stable footage of your favorite places. However, they are a bit heavy because of an additional brushless motor and cost a little more than a single axis gimbal system.

3-axis Gimbal

The 3-axis gimbal creates the smoothest footages and is widely used for drones with longer flight times. It balances the tilt, roll and pan of the drone. That being said, it covers all possible angles. As it equips three brushless motors, it is quite heavy and might reduce the flight time of your drone.

Apart from the axes, you have to take other factors into account such as the payload, weight, camera support, pre-calibration, etc. Buy a high-end gimbal of your choice from Tejar.pk and take your aerial photography to the next level.