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Choose the Right ND Lens Filters for Your Drone

The professional photographers have a habit to carry a lot of accessories whenever they have a shoot scheduled. Between different lenses, wireless controllers, reflectors and tripods, they have to adjust their cameras to the present lighting conditions. The same rule applies to aerial photography.

The customization options for camera drones are not as extensive as DSLRs because they are quite small. However, the drone lens filters allow these UAVs to adjust to demanding lighting conditions.

So, what are ND drone lens filters and why is it beneficial to buy them?

ND Lens Filters for Drones

ND filters, short for neutral-density filters limit the intensity that passes through the lens of the drone’s camera. It is beneficial accessory if you want to prevent over-exposed shots during aerial photography or aerial filmmaking.

These filters are considered neutral qualifiers because they do not affect the color reproduction during shots and have opaque grey to crystal clear appearance.

Should You Use ND Lens Filters?

There’s a slight chance you can get overexpose aerial shots from the drone camera at the lowest aperture and ISO settings. An ND filter allows you to play with the camera lens settings without getting overexposed shots.

When Should You Use ND Lens Filters?

The ND drone lens density allows you to test the following photography techniques:

Long Exposure Shots

The perfect long exposure shots are captured when you reduce the shutter speed. When a camera is used on large bodies such as oceans, rivers, waterfalls, the long exposure shots give an appearance of smoothness. Therefore, giving you beautiful dynamic shots.

Motion Blur (h4)

Another effect you can achieve in your photography is motion blur. Basically, motion blur refers to creating an illusion of movement in still photos. Hence, making the photos more dynamic and interesting for the viewers. For example, clouds and moon drifting across the sky, cars moving on the bridge at night, people crossing the street, etc.

Exposure Balance (h4)

One problematic element for photographers is extreme contrast in exposure. Capturing a picture with a bright background might result in under-exposed subject. An ND filter softens the contrast and allows you to capture balanced shots.

If you are an aerial photographer and not satisfied with the shots, try using an ND lens filter to see a visible difference. Other than that, the ND lens filters give you the room to capture videos and photos in non-ideal conditions.