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GoCube Review: A Smart Upgrade to the Rubik’s Cube

The electronic toys offer a modern take on the old school toys for the Gen Z kids. Back in the days, there was merely a book that taught you how to solve the old but classic cube. As of now, there are countless online mathematical minds and game enthusiasts that teach you to solve the cube within a minute.

The company, GoCube has taken the industry by storm by embedding the Rubik’s cube with electronics. Technically, the product is split up in two parts; the software and the cube. The corners of this cube are a little hard to find and the edges are less defined.

The positive action chimes a satisfying snap every time you move each side of the cube. The tactile feedback ensures that the positional data is sent back to the software or you can say, the application from the cube.

The software shows the physical representation of all the sides of the cubes on the application in your smartphone. The data also defines the orientation of the in space. Therefore, the software will help you show the spin and shape of the cube in 3-D space. In short, the tracking of your cube’s physical representation on the application allows the user to enjoy a wide range of games and challenges.

Solving a cube remains mystical for a lot of kids and adults. The software helps you solve the cube tactically while reducing the memorization needed for this challenge.

The cutting-edge design allows the players to solve the challenge as soon as possible, without wasting any second on the blocked cubes.

Moreover, the GoCube academy mode introduces you to different algorithms to solve the cube. If you are buying this for your kid, he might need a few introductory classes to get a hang of the GoCube. The application also throws old tactics and algorithms your way once in a while to ensure you have learned the lessons properly.

If you don’t need academy lessons and believe you can solve it on your own, you can also compete against other players in the world. The application offers two online, competitive games for the players; the Pro Cuber and Scrambling.

The game of Scrambling tests how fast the players can follow the instructions while the Pro Cuber tests the players’ ability to solve the cube as fast as possible. If you are finding a perfect gift for your grown-up little one or like to solve cube puzzles, GoCube is the perfect electronic toy.