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Maintain your outdoor space with us

The summer season is a prime time to maintain your outdoor spaces, be it a patio, a backyard, or a garden. As it is a peak time for homeowners to host get-togethers outside, they are constantly looking to optimize the appeal as well as the safety of children.

If you are cautious about keeping your space tidy and clean, consider the following tips and outdoor living products from Tejar.pk:

Irrigation systems

Whether you prefer a sprinkler head attached to the water hose or an underground system, watering your grass correctly will save you money as well as time. Set the time of your irrigation system controller before 10 AM so that your grass can soak up all the moisture during the day. Watering in the evening might undermine all of your lawn care efforts.

It is quite effective to soak your lawn thoroughly twice per week rather than sprinkling water on a regular basis.

Grilling and barbeque in outdoor kitchens

Many people assume that oil or leftover food burns off the grilling and barbecue utensils after the oven gets preheated. However, the good practice is to clean the burners and scrape the grates for efficient cooking. If your outdoor kitchen has a countertop, make sure to use a washing soap to clean it after use.

Gardening station

Maintaining a gardening station takes a lot of muscle work but it is worth it if you are all about enhancing the curb appeal. Water your grass around the plants regularly. Clean your landscape to protect your plants from the weed. If you wish to grow vegetables and herbs, ensure to invest in plant germination and monitoring system to keep eye on the pests. You could also build a station next to the garden to keep your tools safely.

If you already have a well-established garden, putting up safety measures such as pesticides, mousetraps and scarecrows might be a good idea to protect your plants.

Enjoy clean and tidy outdoor space in summer

Keeping your outdoor space tidy and clean does not demand time but consistent efforts and smart investments. You don’t need to go out and buy all the outdoor living accessories available in the market. Boost the functionality of your landscape with proper care and maintenance.