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Smart irrigation technology is the ultimate solution to stop the water waste in most of the gardens, landscapes, and backyards. Overwatering of the plants is primarily caused by inefficiencies in traditional irrigation systems.

However, a smart irrigation controller works with plant germination and monitoring system to tailor run times and watering schedules automatically.

The traditional irrigation system controllers operate on preset timers or preprogrammed watering schedules. In contrast, smart controllers monitor the evaporation rate, weather conditions, soil type, and water usage of the plants to adjust the schedule.

As the outside temperature decreases or increases, the smart controllers switch to site-specific factors such as the sprinklers’ application rate to adjust the water timers. Therefore, a smart irrigation system controller is one of the best outdoor living accessories for efficient water usage.

Which type of smart irrigation controller should you buy?

There are two essential types of smart irrigation systems; weather-based controllers and soil moisture sensors. The former controllers gather local weather data to adjust the watering schedules. They are also known as evapotranspiration controllers and provide the appropriate amount of water to the landscape. They use four parameters to make runtime adjustments; humidity, solar radiation, wind, and temperature.

On the other hand, soil moisture sensors use advanced technology to measure the moisture level and set the timers accurately. Most of the soil moisture sensors have to be buried deep into the root zone of trees, shrubs, or turf so they can operate properly.

Save money and water with smart irrigation system controllers

Overwatering is a common issue with most outdoor spaces. Water is precious and a great deal amount is wasted due to traditional and worn-out irrigation system controllers. However, wireless moisture sensors help with water conservation anywhere between 20 to 50 percent.

Both, underwatering and overwatering are harmful to plants. The smart irrigation controllers, however, provide the right amount of water so the plants can flourish in the summer season. It won’t water the plants if the soil is still moist or when there’s a rain prediction. In short, they make smart decisions so your landscape remains beautiful all year round.

The homeowners have increased control over-irrigation with smart control systems. Easy to manage and operate remotely, the smart controllers provide convenience and peace of mind to all users. Even if a malfunction occurs, you get an alert on the phone application beforehand.

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