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Automatic grill cleaning robot review

Summer is here and that means taking the cover off your barbeque utensils set to start grilling with your friends and family. People who spend their summer nights grilling know how important it is to keep the grill grates clean.

Wiping off leftover food or burnt oil is not only essential to prevent sudden flare-ups but also to keep your health in check. But most food enthusiasts neglect the post-cleaning of the grill grates. If you find the cleaning task daunting, bring home the Grillbot automatic cleaning device.

Outdoor grilling made easy with Grillbot

It is one of the first few cleaning bots for your grilling utensils set. The Grillbot is equipped with three-wire brushes, three electric motors, a rechargeable battery, and a central processing unit. If the dirty cooking grate is ruining your food, buy the automatic cleaning robot for usual upkeeps between deep washes. While it is one of the best outdoor living accessories, it does not clean the debris built in the cracks.

Features and design

The three-wire brass brushes are 2.7 inches long and are operated by electric motors. You can either buy this cool gadget individually or with three replacement brushes and a carrying case. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery is located on the top of the chassis, just underneath the triangular handle.

The LCD panel, which shows the cleaning time and the battery level is located on one side of the chassis, next to the power rubber switch. On the other side of the chassis lies a power switch, protected by a rubber casing. The three rubber bumpers on the edges protect the robot from scrapes and scratches.

The wire brushes are removable as well as washable. However, detaching them from the cleaning bot might be painful and tricky. It can be used on a warm or cold grill but never on the utensil with an open flame. Furthermore, avoid cleaning if the grill’s temperature is still above 250 degrees.

The built-in sensor activates the alarm and shuts down the motors if the grill temperature is high. The device requires 4 hours to charge and can clean the grill for up to 30 minutes. Simply press the start button thrice for 30 minutes, twice for 20 minutes, and once for 10 minutes of cleaning. It is best to close the lid to prevent the bot from jumping off the edges.


The Grillbot does a relatively good job in cleaning charcoal grates of all types of grilling utensils. However, it misses a few spots on the outer edges. The 30 minutes cleaning cycle is enough to remove all the debris on the surface. The automatic cleaning robot also beeps a warning to indicate that the cleaning cycle has ended.

Final verdict

Leave the cleaning hand brush behind with the Grillbot – a great gadget for regular cleaning between deep scrub downs.