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Smart garden accessories you should buy from Tejar.pk

The spike in the popularity of smart gardens has allowed everyone to grow plants indoors, regardless of the limited space. Gardening, for some people, is therapeutic after a long day of staring at the screen. Not having access to an outdoor garden is not a hindrance anymore as the plant pods and smart seed germination kits let you grow baby lettuces, cherry tomatoes, green veggies, strawberries, and whatnot.

The design and features of the smart gardens are incredible and they are not as expensive as plant germination and monitoring systems for outdoor gardens. Start your indoor garden with the following outdoor living accessories and build your mini garden now:

Smart garden lamp

The built-in timer in smart garden lamps provides sufficient light to your plants for faster growth. The smart lamps mimic the natural day cycle and automatically shut off after 16 hours. Furthermore, the LED lights in the lamp are durable and last for up to 7 hours, if used regularly.

You can switch between red and white LED lights. Switch on the red light spectrum to enhance the photosynthesis process for faster and healthier growth of your plants.

As the smart garden lamp uses LED lights, you don’t have to worry about covering the plants from UV rays.

Extension arms

While the smart garden kits come with the necessary extension arms, there is no harm in buying an extra pair. The extension arms are only added when the plants are about 1 cm from the smart garden lamp. The main use of the extension arms is to protect the tips of your plants from burning.

If you have the Smart Garden 9 by, Click & Grow, you should use only one set of extension arms. Attaching two sets will only block the red and white light spectrum and your plants will end up leggy and tall instead of full and bushy.

Smart garden wicks

The smart garden wicks are basically long sticks that transfer the water from the tank to the plant pods. The wicks are usually durable and do not need to be replaced unless you are experiencing a problem with the tubes.

If you face any issue while watering the plant pods, try positioning the wicks properly – too low and they might not reach the soil, too high and they might not reach the tank.

If you are developing a green thumb and have finally purchased a smart garden for your apartment, we suggest being prepared by purchasing an extra set of extension arms, a lamp, and a couple of wicks for consistent and healthier growth of your plants.