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Buy an indoor garden kit for your apartment

The concept of an indoor home garden is pretty simple and straightforward – growing fresh produce inside your apartment due to the limited space available. It is a rewarding and relaxing hobby that allows you to pick and cook fresh produce from the comfort of your kitchen.

Nothing is as exciting as watching the seeds sprouting in your plant germination gardening system and then growing into plants with edible fruits and vegetables.

From fresh herbs like parsley and thyme to vegetables like peppers and cherry tomatoes, you can grow anything while eliminating the need for full-fledged irrigation system controllers and heavy pesticides. Proper watering, sunlight exposure, fertilizing and they would flourish just like the outdoor plants.

Buy the best gardening kit from

Get started with the best-selling smart seed germination kit by Click and Grow:

The Smart Garden 9 (h4)

The Smart Garden 9 by Click and Grow is a soil moisture sensor featuring built-in LED grow lights and an automatic watering planter. You can use your own seeds or select from up to 60 biodegradable pre-seeded plant pods.

Just insert the seeds into the planter and add water to the tank. No hassle of filling the water every day as the tank holds it enough for the entire month. If you are skeptical, you could also use the float indicator to monitor the water level over time.

The nine complimentary plant seeds, including three basil, three lettuce, and three tomato plant pods allow you to start gardening right away. If you are an app-savvy person looking for a smarter seed germination kit, the Smart Garden 9 Pro allows you to control the watering schedules and LED grow lights via smartphone.

What size indoor home garden should you buy?

The experts recommend purchasing an indoor home garden that fits your expertise and space inside the apartment. The large plant germination gardening systems take up more space but grow more plants. In contradiction to that, compact systems are lightweight and portable.

Do not let limited space kill your sprouting interest in gardening. If you live in an apartment, forget all about outdoor living accessories and connect to nature using smart indoor garden kits from