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A mouse infestation situation at your home can be quite frustrating and alarming. If your mouse problems have been persisting for a while now, it is high time you avoid the common trapping mistakes. Both, the glue and snap trapping kits are effective but the majority of people facing mouse infestation use them the wrong way.

If you want to get rid of mouse infestation for good, buy effective trapping kits from and avoid the following mistakes:

Insufficient traps around the house

The majority of homeowners believe that putting out a couple of trapping kits will solve the infestation. Unless you are dealing with a single rat, a couple of traps aren’t going to cut it. We suggest putting out no less than 3 traps for each mouse or rat in the house. For example, if you have 3 mice scurrying around, you need at least 9 of them to be effective.

Not placing the trapping kits in the right places

Mice are cautious and usually move by sticking close to bushes, fences, doors, and walls. If you can’t catch the mice, take a look at where you’re placing the traps. If you place them 2 to 10 feet apart from where the mice are most active, they won’t be able to sidestep them.

If the infestation is in your living room, the traps should be placed underneath the furniture, behind the electrical appliances, and in cabinets. Similarly, if the infestation is in your home’s attic, place the traps in the corners.

Putting up the wrong bait for the mice

Some homeowners assume that a trapping kit with cheese as bait is a no-fail solution to mouse infestation. However, it is less ineffective because roof rats do not even touch any kind of cheese. To stop the mice from rendering your traps useless, use the right bait, such as a tomato or peanut butter.

Check your traps frequently

The snap traps need to be checked and reset frequently. You need to reset them as often as twice per day. On the contrary, glue traps are out of commission as soon as the mouse gets trapped.

Self-resetting traps – An effective approach to catch mice

While the price of a glue or snap mouse trap in Pakistan is reasonable, it has to be used precisely to be effective. However, a self-resetting mouse trapping kit from our outdoor living accessories uses a carbon dioxide canister to kill up to 24 rats. There’s no need to bait or reset the trap. Just check the bio-attractant canister once a month and you are good to go.

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