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Our website is designed carefully to allow our customers a hassle-free shopping experience. Browse through the general help topics for better guidance on how to use this platform.

Place an Order is a customer-friendly website for online shopping. If you are new to our website, please take your time and explore the goodness that we have in store for you.

Browse through the categories or type in the search bar to get to your desired brand or product.

To buy a product, simply click on the particular product image and you will be redirected to the product’s individual page. On the product page, you have the option of adding it to your shopping cart if you want to continue shopping or make the purchase later. Another option is to “Buy Now” which will directly take you to checkout. Once you place an order on checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email which will contain our bank details.

Account Options

To place an order on, you can use one of the following options:

  1. Sign Up

    We highly recommend you to register yourself at for a convenient shopping experience. You will be required to enter your sign-up details only once and then enter the exciting world of Tejar by just logging into your account the next time.

  2. Google Account or Facebook

    You can also sign up via your personal Google or Facebook account and can place the order easily.

  3. Guest Checkout

    In case you want to place an urgent order for the first time, you can check out as a guest. But this option is not recommended in the long run as you will have to enter your details every time you place a new order.

Price Disclaimer

All our stock available on the website is subject to price change due to exchange rate fluctuations and manufacturers' pricing. Therefore, customers may find a shift in the pricing of the products before the processing step.

  • Price Alert:
    To get a notification for the updated pricing of your desired product, visit the product’s individual page and activate the "price alert" option appearing above the price.

Stock Disclaimer

All the products available on are 100% genuine and updated regularly. However, some of our products may go out of stock due to unavailability without any prior notice. In such a case, customers are offered alternative solutions.

  • Stock Availability:
    Is your desired product out of stock? Activate the product alert on the particular product page. You will be notified immediately when the out of stock product is available again on the website.

Special Order

Customers can request special orders from any online shopping store in the US, UK, and UAE by sending the specific link of the requested item via email or WhatsApp. The order will only be approved if it qualifies for this option.

The company has the right to accept or refuse delivery of special order(s) without any prior notice. Generally, we will decline if:

  • The item is unsafe, unlawful or logistically difficult to be delivered.
  • The delivery locationor the route leading up to it is unsuitable for our vehicle or delivery agent.

The company is not liable for any damage or warranty of the special product.

Gift Option

Customers can use the gift option if they do not want the invoice delivered with the order. This feature is available on all orders during the checkout process. So if you are giving a surprise to a friend or a loved one, make sure you use the gift option and include a special message as well.

Secure Orders maintains optimum level of security for customers at every step. To keep your order information secure, we use the industry’s standard protocol for encryption, SSL.


Our website comprises of limited manufacturer’s warranty on all available products. Under exceptional circumstances when the customer has to return the order because of any defect or damage, we claim warranty on our customer’s behalf and quote the warranty claim charges (to be borne by the customer) once we receive and inspect the particular item.

All the products listed on the website fall under disparate Manufacturer’s warranty. The specifics are declared on every product’s page separately under the tab of additional info.

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty: Under this warranty, the manufacturer (at our discretion) is liable to repair or replace your purchased item without any charges (except for the delivery charges) if the purchased item is found damaged or defective within the predefined warranty limit. is not responsible for any consequential or incidental damage that results from the usage of any item purchased from its website.’s liability is limited to the monetary value of the product purchased.

In case the information you were looking for is not covered above, please contact us.